27 October 2012

it started out innocently enough~

he said "do you want a southern gentleman?" and i said, "you betcha" so into the coffee went the bourbon and baileys. then came the pancakes and bacon. what a way to start the day! especially when one acquires a stupid head cold...bleh!
a sari silk wrapped bracelet that has been sitting inside my head. we found the medallion in the parking lot of the local k-mart. here is is all listed  fresh.
so, i haven't listed in a long time. skulley here with numinosity drops. i came home feeling quite a bit sick yesterday and in-between naps i created. felt good to be back in the studio.
this is my fav. been sitting on the bench for a bit waiting to be fulfilled. a buddy of mine gifted me some porcelain doll arms. one was broken yet cried out to be loved. loved she is.
more numiosity love and bike part adornment.
then i made this little christmas doll for the recycled art show. i always make at least one doll, but this year there are two. this beauty and my little pin. they sell well, so i don't know why i make so few. weirdo me! <3
i usually give her a name and write it across the patch, but can't think of one. still waiting for a sign. cheers y'all!


  1. Well must get me one of them Southern gents...Love the dolly arm and the skullies are cool. I made some poppets last year, loaded up with positive charms. They're fun little gifts for Christmas.

  2. No fair getting sick. Love the dollie and skullies. The arm is super cool too. Speedy recovery to you and I always love seeing what you're doing.


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