21 January 2012

new work today~

been a good week. very busy at school with attentive students (yippee) and fun and engaging lessons. one of those winner weeks in the classroom. new mobi systems brought me into the new age of technology and i am sooo in love with my document camera. so much so that i use it every day instead of making copies and it gives me more flexibility all around. yippee twice.
but today is a day off. (yippee thrice now) and i'm loading up new jewelry and gearing up to make a stash of earrings. i updated some photos on my all time favorite brooch that i made, so i've included a new link for you body part enthusiasts. k. now to go play with some new beads and old parts. happy days all!
coral and glass earrings with tiny sterling silver donuts.
 teenie tiny hand formed steel pin with coral and labradorite.
steely antler shell button hand formed pin. ~
 steely arm pin. i love making these pins! very relaxing to form.
handmade steel wire pin with faceted crystal bead and labradorite
 vintage shell buttons. steel wire. mother of pearl beads.
turtles and bears. vintage purple dangles. pearls. yum.


  1. these are so thick and creamy! love! the pin you forged yrself, yes? and the final ones remind me of ones corvid made.

  2. i do make the pins. it's very relaxing to form them. my mental health! :)


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