21 October 2018

::Mad About Plaid:: Blog Hop

I've done did it again. 
I decided to do a blog hop earrings challenge. 
This time in plaid! 
Not an easy task but I love a challenge.
See the original post here and go on the hop!

I started by wrapping a wee bit of flannel around a knitting needle and sewing away. Tiny
seed beads and vintage sequins adorn the newly made beads. A cover of glue and ready to go.

I love the thistle caps on top. Makes them cohesive. Plaid and thistles. Yum!

I particularly like how the handmade copper earwires of mine complete the look. 

Thanks for hanging in there with me!


  1. Such a great use of the plaid fabric! The little beads look like climbing vines. Thanks for playing along! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. The idea of sewing the plaid fabric and adding beads is such a fabulous one! I love it.

  3. Everything is just gorgeous! Love the coloring!
    clipping path


how delightful that you came to visit. i love your kind comments of all shapes and sizes. thank you very much indeed! darlene