24 May 2014

~dead computer woe's

ugh. got some bad news. computer died altogether. 
they are trying one last resuscitation before giving up. 
it means i cannot post photos of my new work, 
but i grabbed  few images off etsy to share. 
not making too much as the school year comes to a close 
& i await my fate as my heart is failing. 
not much fun around here at the moment. but, chin up!
regardless, i did make a stacked pair of earrings 
with beads scavenged from items i had about.
they are sporting purple numinosity headpins 
& purple torch enameled beer bottle caps. 
then a pendant of a blue torch enameled beer bottle cap, 
antique key & a lovely faceted crystal
lastly, a lovely pendant with shimmery labradorite, 
antique crocheted button & found metal.
i collaged the back side. fun, fun!
here's to
dancing on the battlefield
as a friend of mine likes to say. xoxo


  1. Sorry to hear about your computer. That's stressful! Those earrings are so boho lush. Yummy! I'm enjoying all of your enamel work. Nice assemblage necklace too!

  2. Oh, the eye candy! I am crazy about that key necklace, it's brilliant. It all is, but there's something about that one that's just... different. In a good way. Very clever and unusual.

    Hope your computer gets fixed or replaced as soon as possible; being without a computer is such a bummer.

  3. The dang computer rules us! Your new pieces have me drooling, especially the ones with pit fired beads and enameled bottle caps. Slobber, drool, gulp!

    1. xoxo. too sweet of you. fun, fun for me. i just posted how i do it in another blog post.


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