23 December 2012

gifties, mercury glass & numinosity love~

happy holidays to one and all! met up with kim of numinosity fame. her fame. her glory. her smile and exuberant self. all here, all mine for one night. had a great din-din with family (her's and mine) then off to the cowgirl for drinks and some live music~didn't get to see much of the band, but certainly heard the excitement! i think she went back after tucking me in. <3
been playing with mercury glass from an old fifties garland that i scored through a vintage handmade shop on etsy.
not easy to work with. very fragile. i definitely smashed and chipped a few in the process of exploration.
these ones i really dig and will be gifted to a vintage loving friend for christmas. the little rosary components are from the paris carousel also of robyn paris and her french circus.
these ones have lovely little shell buttons from penny of fagins daughter and sparrow salvage fame
a departure for a moment. little discs and antique buttons also of fagins daughter. love the crisp blue of the tags. large holes allowed for the buttons shanks to pop through and nestle on the other side awaiting the ear wires. fun, fun.
now for gifties. my students spoiled me with cookies, chocolates, adornments and other goodies, but i wanted to share the handmade lovelies. shell heshi and turquoise. made by the mommy of a student.
malachite and assorted stone christmas trees made by the dad of one of my little bunnies.
a leather beaded cradle board neck piece with a little baby inside. wore this all day! made by the grandmother of an always-smiling little girl.
back to the mercury glass. forgot about these ones. by my hand and made for me for christmas eve. we have an open house every year with fire, fire, fire. a bonfire at the end of the drive. farolitos all over and a fiery hula-hoop dancing friend of mine. <3



  1. What beautiful gifts you got! And lucky you, getting to meet Kim - SO cool.

    I love those red glass earrings too - you must have been so patient with these. Great work!
    xoxo Juliette

  2. Wonderful picture of you and Kim all smiles !!!
    Wishing you happy holidays and the best new year.

  3. I was greeted by this post last night when we returned from our whirlwind social tour. How nice it was to meet you too, a highlight of our trip. I wore those tinkly thimble arm earrings last night. Such nice treasures. I hope you had a great open house and have a restful remainder of your vacation.
    Thanks so much! xoxo

    1. it was super fun meeting you too! got some goodies to send ya. <3

  4. The wild wacky wonderful kim and darling you....
    what fun...happy holidays...



how delightful that you came to visit. i love your kind comments of all shapes and sizes. thank you very much indeed! darlene