18 April 2020

House and Home Blog Hop ~ We're All Ears :: April Reveal :: Safer At Home ~

I've been very busy learning how to be an online presence for my students, I mean so busy that I had forgotten about this blog hop at Earrings Everyday.  
As a online educator, I was working anywhere from 8-12 hours a day at first just to wrap my head around it, and be ready for lift off. 
Now that we are three weeks in, I average 7 hours a day, 5 days a week and about three on Sunday. 
Therefore, I was so glad to have time today to make this happen for me.
My husband's last name is House, so you can imagine everything he owns has a signature house label on it. A little peaked roof house, and a chimney with smoke escaping from it is his moniker. He draws it on all of his belongings and these are my rendition of his house, sans chimney and smoke. lol 
Not only did I make some cute little earrings~
but I documented the recycled enameling process as well.
I start with an old copper viga cover. Viga covers are pieces of metal that cover the parts of ceiling viags that protrude from a house. 
I scored some at the metal scrap yard, and think I have enough for years to come!
Then I chunk pieces off of them and treat them in a bath of hot vinegar to remove grease and glue. 
Then I shape, pierce, file and clean to get them ready for enameling.
After that, I fire the counter enameling. 
I use my left over enamel powders, so the backs can vary depending on the colors I have been using. 
I then sift on my front colors, using dried leaves to make designs and variegation.
Looking around, I find splashes of color to enhance my design. Today they are lamp-worked glass beads, flowery bead caps and some rhinestone rhondelles.
I add my own handmade ear wires and viola! The finished project as seen way up top of this post.
Enjoy the blog hop


  1. Lovely! And, thanks for the enameling process. I need to dig out my supplies and try that again.

  2. Oh wow! I adore these sweet little houses! SO cool that your husband's name is House, and that he draws that on everything. I enjoyed seeing he enameling process. I took a 2 day enameling class years and years ago with Barbara Lewis when her first book came out. I loved the process and really wanted to do it, but I don't have a set up for fire, sadly. But I love enameling. These are very special! Thanks for sharing your talents with the world! Enjoy the day! Erin
    P.S. And thanks for all you are doing to continue the learning for your students!

  3. These are so lovely. And, what a beautiful tie-in with your husband's name. Thank you for walking us through your enameling process. I love that you're recycling the copper. What a fabulous idea. I'm toying with finally learning to enamel. I've got all the supplies - just nervous about the process. You make it sound so easy. Thank you for that.


how delightful that you came to visit. i love your kind comments of all shapes and sizes. thank you very much indeed! darlene